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Perfmatters WordPress Plugin We use all of these optimizations on our own sites and are excited to provide an easy way for you to now have them too! No messing around with code or your functions.php file. Performance optimizations shouldn’t have to be complicated and so everything can be enabled/disabled with a single click. The main way this plugin helps speed up your site is by disabling things that might not be used on your site. For example, by default emojis load on every single page of your site. If you don’t use them, this is simply slowing it down. By disabling it, the script no longer loads and so it reduces your overall number of HTTP requests and your page size. Another great optimization is to limit your post revisions. These can quickly fill up your database and slow down your site. By limiting them you can ensure a fast and snappy database. Make sure to also check out our current feature requests and the changelog.

Current features include:
Disable emojis
Disable embeds
Remove query strings
Disable XML-RPC
Remove jQuery migrate
Remove WordPress version number
Remove wlwmanifest link
Remove RSD link
Remove shortlink
Disable RSS feeds
Remove RSS feed links
Remove Dashicons
Disable scripts per page/post
CDN Rewrite
Disable self pingbacks
Disable WordPress Heartbeat API
Change Heartbeat API frequency
Disable and limit post revisions
Remove REST API links
Change autosave interval
DNS prefetching
Disable WooCommerce scripts and styles
Disable WooCommerce widgets
Disable WooCommerce status meta box
Disable WooCommerce cart fragments (AJAX)
Disable Google Maps API
Multisite support
Change WordPress login URL


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